Important Tips for Coloured Pencil Drawings for Beginners

Well, we are aware of how to use a pen because we are habitual to it. But if you want to be a creative mind person then just pick some coloured pencils and show your creativity. Believe me, you will be in love with these coloured pencils, that’s why we are providing you with some important tips for Coloured Pencil Drawings for Beginners.

# Use Scrap Paper to prevent Smudging

Many people know this trick but if you are a beginner then you should know this trick. You just need to use scrap paper and place it below your hand so that the continuity cannot get break and no smudging will arise. There will be no disturbance in your work if you are placing scrap paper below your hand and the effectiveness will also be shown in your work.

# Use Light Hand

It is always recommended to all users to use light hands while layering. The light hands will help to provide smooth colouring while the hard hands will start breaking the tooth of the pencils. If you are using light hands then it will be very helpful to add more colours and your drawing will provide you smooth and sharp look.

# Use Right Grip

We all know that pencil needs to sharpen after while usage but you should know that a drawing should get completed without sharping the pencils again. That’s why users need to keep this thing in mind that they have to hold the right grip of the pencil to avoid any type of issues. Users should use the pencils in slanting mode, it will help to let the pencils sharped for a long time. If it is running for a long time without sharping it again then your drawing will be flawless.

# Work as per your hands

Drawing an image always requires a lot of concentration and that’s why you should have a proper technique of colouring the image. If you are a right-hander then you should move your hands from left to right so that you can see what you have done and it will be easy for you to move from left to right. The things get opposite to the left-handed at their convenience. So always make sure that you are moving your hands in the right direction.

# Start with Light Shades

Users should always start their pencil colour drawing with light shades so that the final colouring can be done after confirmation. The light shades allow the users to make some changes and then go for the final selection. So users should always keep in mind that starting with light shades will be very helpful to finish your drawing smoothly.


So these are the main tips that a user should follow for coloured pencil drawings for beginners. These tips can help you use coloured pencils effectively and you will get an idea how sketches can be beautiful.

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