For long, photography has been a passion and the source of livelihood for many.  The word photography comes from the Greek roots (photos, genitive of phos, light and graphe), represented by lines or drawing.  After this, the same term has been created independently by different people.

Today, photography has its role in advertising. Photography is an art, science or application where images are created by capturing electromagnetic radiations with the help of an image sensor or photographic film. In photography, light is focused after reflection or emission from objects resulting in a real image on the light sensitive surface of a camera, after a timed exposure. Electrical charges are created at each pixel by an electronic image sensor, which is then stored in a digital image file. This file is then processed or displayed. By photographic emulsion, a latent image is created which is developed into a negative or positive visible image. By using an enlarger or by contact printing, the film’s negative image is used to create a positive image on a paper, known as a print. There have been several technical discoveries related to photography. Before photographs were made, ancient Han Chinese philosopher Mo Di first discovered the principles of camera obscura, pinhole camera and optics. Many photographers have their galleries to display their photographs.

Photography film, monochrome photography, color photography, digital photography and synthesis photography are all subject matters related to photography. For capturing images for photography, different photographic techniques and media like camera, stereoscopy, full spectrum, ultra violet and infrared media, dual photography, light field photography etc. are used. In photography, the camera is the device where the image is formed and the capture medium is the image sensor is the silicon, photographic plate or photographic film. Both monochrome and color photographs can be captured and displayed and the first captured figures in motion were stereoscopic photography. Photography is used in science, businesses, manufacturing, art, films, videos and also as a hobby. Along with photography, comes the concept of royalty free and sell stock images.

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