In simple terms, we all know what drawing is. Drawing can be defined as a visual art in which paper, a plane surface or another 2D medium is marked. It is a medium of expression in which visual ideas are effectively communicated. Drawings can be of different categories, like freehand drawing, cartooning, shading, figure drawing. Canvas, leather, cardboard are used in drawing and drawing is made with pencils, pens, crayons, charcoal etc. Shading, stippling, line drawing are some of the different methods of drawing. Architecture, animations and illustrations are some of the forms of drawing and a person proficient in technical drawing is known as a drafter or a draughtsman. Cartoons are now well liked by children of all ages and these are made by cartoonists. A sketch is drawn quickly and is an unrefined drawing.

Drawing can be in black and white or colored. Although the same media is used for both, there is a thin line regarding the difference between drawing and painting. Many times, first a drawing is made and then colors are used to fill it up to make a painting. Like drawing, brushes, pens or other liquid medium are used for painting. Again as is known, when a drawing or painting is used in advertising, it greatly enhances the exposure of an office or business. Now many experts of drawings or paintings are opting to sell 2d graphics. They also sell stock images.

Drawing is an old method of expression and it is older than written communication. These older drawings were known as pictograms and they depicted objects and concepts. Today’s written language has been developed from these prehistoric drawings. Those days, drawings were made on wooden tablets and with the advent of paper, making drawings increased. Drawings have always been considered to be a form of art and Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Nicolas Poussin and Antoine Watteau were some of the famous artists of the past. Pablo Picasso, Arshile Gotky, Max Beckmann made their mark in drawings in the recent times.

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